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Oxford, England, born Rev. Dr. Tim Langdell is an author, public speaker, Zen Teacher and Hospital, Hospice and Palliative Chaplain.  Rev Tim is an ordained Zen Buddhist Priest/Master Teacher, a Mindfulness Meditation instructor, a Spiritual Director and an author. He is also an American Catholic Priest (this branch of Catholicism is liberal and not associated with the Roman Catholic tradition in Rome). By original training, Tim is also a Clinical and Child Psychologist and Computer Scientist, who undertook some of the earlier work on Autism Spectrum Disorder in the 1970s and founded one of the first video game companies in the early 1980s. He has taught both psychology and digital media at various universities, and instigated interactive media classes at the University of Southern California Film School in the early 1990s. Tim has over 100 credits for producing and designing computer and mobile games. You can read more details of his eclectic background and various areas of expertise in the BIO section.


As an author, he has written books ranging from Zen to Spirituality, Meditation, Psychology, Game Design and fiction (he recently completed his first novel: "The Rise of the Angeliti: Book One of the Oxbridge Trilogy" available in paperback and eBook). He recently contributed a chapter on a Zen Buddhist Chaplain's approach to working with dementia patients to a book on Alzheimers ("Being with Alzheimers" in "Dementia Friendly Worship"). His latest books include Christ Way, Buddha Way: Jesus as Wisdom Teacher and a Zen Perspective on his Teachings,"(release date July 2020), Beginner's Mind: An Introduction to Zen Buddhism,  Kenosis: Christian Self-Emptying Meditation, as well as releasing various classic spiritual works by Brother Lawrence and Evelyn Underhill, with a Meditation Guide in each written by Tim.

Tim works as a Chaplain at a hospice in Southern California where he lives with his wife. They have two children, two cats and a parrot. He is also the Abbot of the Pasadena Zen Center (StillCenter).




(Rise of the Angeliti is) a delightfully whimsical tale

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